boomgun gobbo

Why even levels & experience
Discourse discourse
What Even Is Lore
Live out the dream of ætheriel combat in flimsy æthercraft with dragons and other beasties of the Void Between Spheres
An illegal lagomorphic warship background
Zini on diverse topics as pertaining to travailing the humpbacked sky
A melange of 36 backgrounds for Troika!
Science-Fantasy Mini-Setting & Adventure
A really terrible pamphlet adventure for Troika!
A collection of non-human and monster classes for classic table-top rpgs
the stars are alive with the sound of music.
These poems may or may not be (in)directly relevant to my games.
A meta-dead Troika Background
This is the kernel of a dream of candy and play in a sugary space
Teen pop stars defend the Earth from giant space mimes with the power of rock.
A weird game of questing for the Outside
A game about the (re)integration of pilots and their warmachines into a post-war civilian society.
Behold! New monsters discovered by a certain soggy warlock in their travels through out the misty northern lands.
A collection of satirical L&F hacks
Non-political Lasers & Feelings Adjacent Games
A game about a man and philosophy
A game about quirky fast food social media accounts
A game about dungeons and dragons and their deeper meanings



Food Based Adventuring