A downloadable box of talismans

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Written by Jennifer Unpleasant with some illustrations by Dr Rudd, others by dead people.

You find a box. Within that box are cards. Cards with cryptic names like: A Duke under the Power of the East; and The 7th King, ruling the Southwest. They claim to be talismans granting spiritual powers. But at what costs.

Compatible with any WSCAOS hack, Traveller, or Powered by the Apocalypse system games.

Screenshots are all examples of

Great & Mighty Empress of the North

Commanding 12 Dukes.
Possessing this Talisman grants you the following:
Roll—DM +1: North 9+.
10+: Freeze the blood of all present foes.
7-9: Chill the blood of all present foes as well as your own.
6-: Freeze your blood for a short while & your blood remains chilled, slowing you, for a day.
Mark the seal of a Duke when you contact & overcome them.
Mark all Dukes to contact the Empress of the North.
Overcome the Empress for +2 North & a Boon.

Lil RPG Sweetie Award 2021

The Awards 2022
Honestly, you probably want to get the cards from Spear Witch or Exalted Funeral or Floating Chair.

This might pair well with What's So Cool About Magical Girls? or Magisk Tjej.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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