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High Fructose Hyper Space is a Mini-setting, adventure module, rules expansion, and experiment in getting inspiration for TTRPGs from sources other than other TTRPGs or traditional fictions. This is based on a common American children's board game and a common board game elsewhere, the Goose Game and variants on it.

It is currently in development in a periodical format.  Roughly once a month one or more backgrounds and/or NPCs will be uploaded.  $10 US gets you essentially a subscription and the eventual compilation pdf. In essence making this a zine that is made of zinis.

If you like this, please consider picking up the rest of this series.

This is compatible with Troika!, Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and other related games.

"gonna need that candy shit asap pls" - Jared Sinclair

Obligatory please don't hunt me down and feed me to the ghoul-bears text:

High Fructose Hyperspace is an independent production by Ian Woolley and is not affiliated with Melsonian Arts Council. Nor is it affiliated with Arion Games.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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High Fructose Hyper Space No 2 - Sugar Plum System.pdf 489 kB
High Fructose Hyper Space No 2 - Sugar Plum System - Green.pdf 489 kB
High Fructose Hyperspace 1.pdf 782 kB
High Fructose Hyper Space No 3 - Peppermint Stick System.pdf 427 kB
High Fructose Hyperspace No 4 - Gumdrop System - BW.pdf 332 kB

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(A4) Hi-Fructose_HyperSpace Game Board & Map.png 1 MB
High Fructose Hyper Space Travel & Navigation 6 kB

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I'm adding this to my zine list!